Bring Your Business Idea To Life With Marketing's 1st NFT

Starting and growing a business can be overwhelming. You have a great idea, but where do you start? How do you ensure your efforts are effective and not wasting valuable resources? By claiming your first Marketing NFT, you’ll gain access to basic marketing training and resources while holding a unique digital asset that signifies your commitment to mastering marketing. Build the best version of your business with NFT access to essential marketing training. 👇


Become Visible

Learn to use social not just for visibility, but to create genuine interactions that build community around your brand.


Decide on Data

In the realm of marketing, data is your compass. Let metrics guide your strategies, refining and perfecting your approach as you grow.


Build Smart Strategy

The startup world moves fast. An agile marketing strategy allows you to adapt, pivot, and evolve with the ever-changing landscape.

Tiered Training Phases

Launchpad Lite (Now Live)

The first step in your .Momentum journey with the Market Movers. Start here when you have a brilliant idea, and need foundational support to make that idea soar.

Growth Accelerator

You’ve shown that your startup has potential, and now, it’s time to amplify that growth. In what you’ll learn to apply to your business in this tier, expect to see 50% growth.

Expansion Architect

In Phase three, this is where mature startups build skyscrapers from their strong foundations. You’ve already achieved remarkable growth, and now it’s time to scale it.

Meet The Market Movers

Introducing Marketing’s First $9 Training NFT – Launchpad Lite. This NFT provides you with access to 10 exclusive momentos that unlock comprehensive training and an ebook designed to illuminate your marketing path. With this, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to build a solid marketing foundation. 

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