Writing the Perfect Press Release specifically optimized for the web involves a great deal of factors. However, since we are operating in the age of the global community looking for quick accurate answers, I thought I would focus on what I consider the 7 most successful factors behind the perfectly Optimized Press Release.


Optimize your press release for the web


1. A Killer, Catchy Title! Your headline is the first, and perhaps only, impression you make on a prospective reader. Without a compelling promise that turns a browser into a reader, the rest of your words may as well not even exist.” This is the opening quote from  Copybogger, who built their company on dynamic writing, as they address the issue of a Title in the article “How to write Magnetic Headlines“.

Then they dive right into some rather overwhelming stats. “On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.” This applies to article, blog posts, news and even press releases’. There is no rule stating just because you have a press release it will magically be read and spread all over the internet. Yes, that’s what your goal is but some pretty savvy work goes into getting that kind of result; and it all starts with your title.

If you’re really in a creative jam try out HubSpot’s  Blog Topic Generator to get those juices flowing.

2. Relevant, SEO, Keywords within the first 200 Characters. According to Web.com (a search optimization company) in order to increase the ranking of your keywords, it’s absolutely imperative that those keywords be placed up front within the first 100-200 words used. Warning: This is not where you jam in all the “relevant” keywords you can find. Relevant keywords need only to be peppered in at the right time. All I’m stressing is that you don’t forget to pepper the first 200 words. It’s easy for writers to want to begin with a story to ease into their message. But, for a Press Release it’s important to start off with bold facts. This actually gives you a great reason to use those keywords perfectly right from the start.

Not sure what keywords to use? Try using Google’s Keyword Tool. You can type in an industry keyword and find out what related keywords are performing well. Note: try to avoid using the highest performing words as that will only crowd your content. I tend to use the words or word phrases that are have a medium performance score.

3. Interesting Facts. For one it solidifies reliability; It’s no surprise that facts in an article improve the credibility of the Author. “The key to effective article marketing is to get your readers’ attention and keep it. The facts that you use establish credibility within your article simply because they get and maintain the readers’ attention. When readers see supporting facts from your article published elsewhere, they are going to know that you really do know what you’re talking about.” – Hartford Rhodes

4. Build on the Big Bang! Building up to your big announcement is the best way to keep folks following along with the story behind what you are announcing. I mean, you’ve accomplished some pretty neat stuff to get to the point where you need to announce your next best thing to the world. Share tid bits of your journey in a mysteriously compelling manner that leaves the reader wondering what other greatness they are missing out on.

5. Make it personal. OK, I don’t want to be the one to break this to you, but here goes; most people want to know what it’s in for them. Unless it’s your mom or your grandma, folks aren’t reading your Press Release because they are just so blown away by your writing. They are compelled to read it because they have discovered a personal connection that ties them to the information you are sharing. This part is a tad trickier because you really do need to know the audience you are speaking to. But, with some savvy research and demographic analysis it’s certainly possible to personalize your message.

6. Go out with a Big Bang! (But in a fun way) Don’t forget to have fun! There I said it. I am kind of over so many companies being ridiculously professional to the point where they just look like a stuffy machine. Companies are run by people and folks, people are interesting! So that makes you interesting and the things you have to say concerning your big announcement interesting as well. Have fun with it. First write a draft as if you were sharing the news with your best friend. Then go back and clean it up a bit. This will be the pop in your bang you were searching all week for.

7. Contact Information. This is simple, but sometimes we get caught up in the awesomeness of our work and overlook the small details. Don’t forget to include your contact information: email, phone number and a clickable link to your website.


This Morning The Social Media Examiner shared an article on “4 Ways to Use Social Media in Public Relations” addressing the Social Aspects of your Press release as well.

1. Include Social Sharing

2. Create Campaign’s around Case Studies

3. Publish on LinkedIn

4. Offer real time expert opinions

These are just the highlights of this trending advice. You can read the full article HERE.