I’m usually knee deep in building my personal brand, which leaves little time to spend watching TV; let alone 2 hour movies.

Yikes. You know what I can get done in 2 hours?!?! 

But, my husband watched Chef last week and understanding my passion for trending marketing tactics he said I had to check it out.

As my mind constantly operates with a “social marketing” overlay; this movie did not disappoint. In fact, some of the progressive tactics where so inspiring I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to dissect these amazing Social Media Marketing strategies.

Ha! He knows me so well!

The movie is packed with so many ideas; I could have easily written 3 other posts just from the creative spark it ignited.

I could even name them something like…“If a 10 year old ran your social strategy” Or “Twitter: at least a 10 year old can get it right” or “How to recover from a negative tweet gone viral.” In fact, I just might.

But, we have more important things to discuss and I will get right to “the 20 steps that built a massively responsive community around a very simple product.And yes, it’s a Tweetable!


1. start with a unique, yet simple product. McDonald’s is failing because they are trying to please the masses. Don’t make that mistake. Perfect what makes you unique, even if it’s just 1 thing, and be consistent with it. 

2. refresh profile picture.  If the mood changes, show it. Literally; with a profile update. One of the reasons people are addicted to social media is because of all the constant real time updates that takes place. It’s no wonder sterile websites are losing massive traffic to social platforms due to their “freshness factor.” These are just 3 ways Facebook is Killing your Website. by Jay Baer

3. tell the behind the scenes story. Being transparent is quickly becoming one of the best ways to expedite growth of your online community. Companies that involve their communities in the good, bad and ugly of the day to day grind are seeing some pretty amazing results and producing a passionate following in the process. Here are “5 brands that employed transparency in their marketing – and won!”

4. give away free product. It’s all about give and take; find a way to do it creatively by representing your human side and “give more than anyone else in your industry” –Gary Vaynerchuk

5. confident in decision making. You don’t have to make every decision right; in fact you will cripple yourself moving through your business as if you’re walking on egg shells. Be confident and stand behind your status updates and defend it boldly!

6. test your product. In the movie the food truck owners tested their simplistic menu on a varied crowd. Stop making business decisions entirely on your own. Social media allows you to bring your community in on all major decisions. Wondering if something will work? Before spending money on it, ask your community what they think then monitor and interact with their feedback.

7. had a comeback story. Have you blown it online? Great! Use it as a way to rekindle your passion, improve your product and create redemption. People love it! I mean, people fail (in fact here are 35 examples of Social Media Fails) but it doesn’t have to mean it’s time to close up shop and start again.

8. fun graphics. We are way past only text updates in fact “90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual”  There are so many free tools to jazz up your photos to create visual content; including the these “36 visual creation tools.” Use them! 

9. in the moment photo.

chef the movie review by john f


Take advantage of the fact that the “us-sie” is the new autograph! Encourage followers to snap those shutters during those fun “behind the scenes” moments. Have you met Instagram? This is how customers are expecting to interact with your business but businesses just aren’t showing up.

10. grateful attitude towards customers. When is the last time you said “thank you?” It doesn’t cost anything and it perpetuates value like nothing else. Finding ways to show you would be nothing without your fans is more valuable than a sale; and is what inspires Millenials to talk about your brand online.

11. interacted with your community.  If people love what you do! Revel in it and find a way to become a part of their day in an authentic way. Making meaningful connections that build a vocal community really matters! Check out two of my favorite examples:

Humans of New York

and, the One Spark Foundation

12. referred twitter users to their videos {on vine} If you are more active on vine or Instagram find ways to move your twitter users over to follow you there as well. This will help them see another side of your business and strengthen the relationships you’re building. Remember not to join these communities thinking like a sleazy salesman. Read “Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook” and learn how to use any platform genuinely.  

13. Geo-location tweet (geo tag) Geo-location marketing is changing the not-so-distant marketing future. Get in the habit of geo-locating your status updates so nearby folks can find you while they are in your vicinity. They aren’t looking at that street sign ad, they are scrolling their phone for to see if there is a local experience they can be apart of. Be that experience! This Twitter Support article will get you started!

14. give credit where credit was due. Has a customer wrote a blog post about you? Shared your info with their Facebook group? Made a YouTube review? Please, recognize them and do something that will blow them away. Find out what their favorite restaurant is and send them a gift card. That is money better spent that on an ad to the masses. Find a way to make your followers feel special; one at a time. The social tool, Mention can help you find the online conversations or “mentions” you don’t even know you are ignoring.

15. plan ahead. For anyone to take you seriously online, you must be consistent. Being consistent requires having a plan. Find time every week to plan your posts for the upcoming week. But whatever you do, DON’T AUTOMATE, just be ready with what you want to say, and say it in real time.

16. a community staple. Become part of the ambiance of a community as an Integrative entity; without interrupting your customer’s life.

17. understand the community impact. it’s important you know how your business ecosystem affects your community and you know that by understanding the psycho-graphics of your Target market.

18. have fun; be yourself. That is all…seriously. You’re unique and that’s why you will succeed. Not because you are copying what the “experts” are doing.

19. make an unexpected partnership. Partnerships are another marketing trend I’m very interested in. In the podcast Marketing Partnerships: How to extend your reach with content collaborationAndrew Davis explains, in great detail, how strategic partnerships are more powerful than traditional marketing tactics.

20. Do what makes you happy without the pressure to sell/succeed. Run your business as if you were not dependent upon the money you make. It will take the pressure off being a cheesy salesman and build the trust and authenticity customers are desperate for!

Now that you’ve basically watched the movie, from my perspective. Watch it and share your perspective with me on Twitter!