I’ve been in the Marketing world for a little over four years now and after discussing the topic with business owners, CEO’s, managers, non-profits, and startups there’s something that is painfully obvious. Most business professionals view Marketing and Advertising as the same thing. Even worse the terms are often used interchangeably which I believe is hurting marketing strategies executed across the world.

I want nothing more than to see businesses succeed, so I would like to go ahead and set the record straight.

In this video i’ve used vegetables to take a fresh look at how Marketing & Advertising are different. They should be used in tandem with one another, sure. But neither should operate as a stand alone strategy. Here’s why…

The Difference Between Marketing & Advertising. from Sarah Stahl on Vimeo.


What Marketing Should be.

  1. Long lasting.
  2. Tell a long term story that evolves over time.
  3. Mature over time.

What Marketing Should Not be.

  1. Treated like an advertisement.
  2. Expect instant results.
  3. A quick fix for poor marketing tactics.