Let’s…get into….the Shoooooooooooooooow!


These 5 little words get even the newest Gary Vaynerchuck fans excited to hear what new, no nonsense, gut checking business advice will fly out of the mouth of the greatest entrepreneur of our time.  (and there’s even a T-shirt)

In this trending digital age of “the business coach”, it’s probably one of the most frustrating decisions to resolve who the “true experts” are and if their adivce is worth considering in the climb (or Hustle…as GaryVee would say) to get to the point where our businesses are thriving.

If you haven’t noticed these so called experts are popping up faster than the latest Google Trend about Jon Stewart leaving the daily show…what now?

I’m way behind on the news!



But I digress. So… what makes the (seems like) minions of so called experts truly experts on a subject?

The fact that they are 2 steps ahead of where I am right now?

Or maybe, it’s that they’ve discovered the newest social secret that their trying to make a quick buck from?

I’d say NO! I would say these “experts” are no less an expert than I am at fishing after spending a week on a lake. An expert fisher has made fishing not only his profession but his hobby and lifestyle as well.  Proficiency then exudes from a lifetime of experience; or at least well over a decade.

The point is, there needs to be some resemblance of consistency in a proven track record to back up their claims.

Do I consider myself an expert? Not yet. But, an expert in training; YES!

Where do I get my training?

  1.  Trying, failing and learning through simple trial and error. (that’s where the goodies are)
  2.  Raw wisdom and insight by following the entrepreneurial master Gary Vaynerchuk
  3.  A Master’s level certificate in Mass Communication and Social Media Marketing from the University of Florida

What Makes Gary Vaynerchuck Reputable?

Gary has put the time (close to 2 decades), sweat and energy to prove a foundational thread that is the life line to successful business practices; ready!?!?

It’s really not profound, but logical and necessary.

GIVE! Give more to everyone else than any of your competitors and you will NEVER have to look over your shoulder…AGAIN!

But that’s hardly scratching the surface.

1. Gary grew Wine Library from $4 million to upward of $50 million between 1998 and 2005 (Mixergy)

2. 90,000 viewers per day at Wine Library TV (Mixergy)

3. He’s a New York Times Best Selling Author for his 3 current books

4. He’s made a massive following on social media that can’t be ignored.

5. Most importatntly (to me anyways) he gives a crap about everyone; customer or not!

So yeah, I’d say he’s got some clout and of course the hustle to back it up!

After following Gary Vaynerchuk for over 2 years I’ve gotten to the point where I can almost predict most of the answers to the questions famously asked on the Ask Gary Vee Show.

But what came next…I could not predict.

I received a tweet yesterday from his business developer Alex. As a military spouse currently in the midst of a separation due to my husband serving a deployment in Afghanistan, I was a really caught off guard by this interchange:

Alex De Simone Gary Vaynerchuk Business Developer

My first thought was…”Is my social engagement somehow jeopardizing my husband’s status?”

I tried not to be too defensive…but…sorry Alex.  You were a great sport about the interchange and in the morning I awoke to this…

Are you kidding me?!?! Did this just happen?!?!

“Ugh…breathe Sarah, yes it did!” (Talking to myself; yes I do that)

As I sat before one of the must humbling and inspirational messages I’ve ever received I couldn’t help but fall more in love with my husband. (Sorry Gary, its true; I’m the luckiest girl in the world that he gives a crap about me!)

You see, four months prior in the whirlwind of my husband’s 6 month departure, the loss of 2 amazing clients, and a recent move across country I had lost the stamina necessary to continue on my journey to becoming an industry expert as a highly valued social media marketing consultant.

A natural optimist; seeing me in this state apparently sparked my husband to take action of his own.

Way better than flowers hon! You did good! 

I was in the mids of overwhleming defeat in both my personal and professional life. My marketing tactics have been viewed as too risky and my accomplished status as an “over qualified”  hiring option (I didn’t even know that was a thing) was the straw to my camel’s back that left me feeling, overall, defeated.

Daniel, your dedication to me makes me think anything is possible!

Gary, your message has sparked new life in my venture and because of that I truly belive this is, your best advice ever! Don’t fret, I will continue to watch “the show” because you are a true hero of mine on and off the “court!”

To all my fellow entrepreneurs, keep up the good work out there hustling to make something (GREAT) out of nothing!