If you are anything like me you are sick and tired of hearing how social media managers are pushing businesses to have a “social presence”, only to discover their platforms are being managed in a way that promotes little sense of community, and produce low performing results.

I mean, businesses are doing just fine fumbling around on their own; thank you very much. Why do you need to hire a social media manager to produce the same deficient results? You don’t! You just need the learn to work with what you already have; hiding away in your analytics.

Before moving on, lets get a few things straight.

Its no longer acceptable…

1. to have an un-planned presence on social media.

2. to outsource social management to the youngest employee, or a company that is just responsible for maintaining your presence; with no growth or lead conversion plans.

3. to do what “everyone else” is doing on social media.

4. to neglect measuring the results of each online action.

5. to think this “social thing” will go away.   Truth is, Social Media has completely changed how customers make purchasing decisions. In fact, 78% of people say that a company’s social media posts impact their purchase decision. The only way to make an impact it is to learn how to use it properly. And I don’t mean “my cousin taught me how to….” properly. I’m talking bonafide grad level marketing execution here.  As an ever evolving social analyst, I am constantly testing out new theories based on the Psychology of how people use and respond to social channels and recently had the chance to test this theory with a client.

a budding Social Empire.


Building their social presence from scratch, I used the following steps to grow Live Wichita’s Facebook page from: 0 to 1,600 fans in just 3 months.

1. I conducted a competitor analysis to see how local fans responded to current content being shared online and payed close attention to what was responded to and why.
2. I used the information from the my initial analysis to identify what interests the locals. I discovered them to be very responsive when it comes to enjoying events that go on around this charming town.
3. I set up a contest that lasted the entire month of October, giving away tickets and gas cards to help locals do the thing (I discovered) they already loved doing; enjoying their home town in new and exciting ways.
4. The contest was meant to grow the Facebook Page and create a buzz around the 4, week long, contests. Mission accomplished!
5. While the contests ran I used a Facebook App to capture contact information and inquire about what else they would like to “see/do” around Wichita. The results not only gave me a direct way to keep in touch but helped me gather insight on what kind of content would perform best in future posts.
6. With the collected information, I further discovered that there was no other company helping locals “re-discover” the area. Current competitors seemed to be targeting visitors or circulating the same events everyone else was already talking bout. The competitor content revealed a very shallow view of the city.  I saw this as an “untouched” opportunity to give locals a fresh look at what local businesses were doing.
7.  While the contests continued to run, I began interviewing local business owners to build up my content calendar with stories geared towards creating a fresh perspective on events taking place around town. The micro blogging narratives I composed caused some crazy responsive results; which generated 3 viral posts.

this is unheard of in just 3 months.

social media consulting wichita ks
social media consulting wichita ks
social media consulting wichita ks

The Best Part!

Every single fan is from Wichita and the viral posts happened 100% organically (without help from paid ads)

The Lesson.

It’s important to think of your entire social presence as a campaign rather than isolated promotions.


“Building Social communities require compelling storytelling,
not awkward sales messages.” …is a Tweetable.

So, Now What?

Now that you know what it takes to create a highly responsive community, lets make something happen!

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