I think we are all aware that budget restraints, minimal resources, lack of employees and a host of other excuses that cause challenges for marketers to continuously create “brand spanking new content” on an ongoing basis.

I mean, talk about sucking the creative juices out of someone.

No fear! The days of (often justifiable) excuses are over.
I know what I’m talking about. I sit here, a burned out Grad Student; lacking creativity but still able to pull some neat tricks from my sleeve by following these basic strategies.

Sometimes all we need are go-to “creative boosters” that are further discussed in this article; “8 Lessons to creating content like a pro.” 
But personally, the following are foundations I start with before the hunt for content curation begins.
1. I always consider how I can teach visitors something new with each post.
2. I always consider keeping an eye on what the rest of the world is doing “on that day”
3. I always check BuzzSumo for trending articles. In this case I searched: “fortune cookies”
4. I always set up Google Alerts for key content. Articles (ideas) are then sent daily to my inbox
5. I signed up for a FREE account on Content Gems to “quickly find and share the most valuable content in one easy to use platform.”
6. I always consider the fact that good content straddles a controversial line; but shows the business has a personality and has a relevant opinion about what is going on in the world.
I mean, you don’t want to get talking about cupcakes if it’s national veggie day. Not sure if that’s a thing, but you get my point.Or you don’t want to tweet about during a national crisis which Guy Kawasaki was heavily scrutinized for poorly scheduled Tweets.Sometimes scheduled posts can be quite harmful. But that’s for another day.

Planning post in advance is a key metric to great content implementation so keep in mind “Execution is the XFactor! A good strategy with great tactics always beats a great strategy with poor tactics.”

So if you’re in a pinch for time, try narrowing down your content curation search to strictly one platform, such as these “6 Surprisingly Fast Ways To Curate Content From Facebook”

I have an acquaintance who I’ve proudly watched her business grow over the past four years. She’s a favored client, from my not so distant past and I truly enjoy watching her business evolve into bigger and better things. So, I’ve decided to focus on her business for this assignment in hopes to offer some creative ideas to implement at her delightful, Lady Bug Fortune Cookie Company:


With these 15 content ideas and sources.


1. Could you imagine our cookie crumbs on your board room table at your next office event? Mmmmm, Yum! Use a picture from “the Worlds Coolest Offices.”


2. Would you try the new Fruit Roll-up fortune cookie? With Image and link to the article.


3. We may not be a trendy pop band. But we still have lots of swag.

4. We know how to end the “war on woman” and so does Carly Fiorina; With Fortune cookies of course!

5. Hand write a personal message, thanking your customers and display in your product; like this!

6. Invite a high profile client to make DIY fortune cookies with you. Record the event and share the video debut the day before Chines New Year. Include Recipe and Photos.


7. An Asian Inspired New Year’s menu; including fortune cookies of course! Link to author and share her pin.


8. We can’t make you a Millionaire by opening our fortune cookies, but I promise you’ll feel this good as this lady when we supply your next party. Will you settle for a discount off your next order? Mention the coupon is accessible on your Facebook app.

9. Create an info-graphic titled “10 things you never knew about fortune cookies” based on this article “10 Things you didn’t know about Fortune Cookies.”


10. Conduct a giveaway on a Facebook app that doubles as a marketing research survey. Use the Tabsite’s app software. 


11. Conduct a weekly quiz of fortune cookie fun facts. Each winner gets a free pack of cookies mailed to them with a hand written note from the owner. You can then reuse the user generated photos that are sure to pour in.


12. Interview the Author of Fortune Cookie Chronicles on a live Google hangout.


13. Have customers check and share their fortune cookie horoscopes. 


14. Analyze the difference between you and your top competition in a blog post, include an info-graphic.


15. Take your fans on a tour of your process. Use the “1 second everyday” app to capture behind the scenes snap shots and then create a final cut with all the steps representing your chosen story. This could be by event and the video could accompany a blog post that showcases each event.

If you’ve used any of these tools to create unique, custom, content; I’d love for you to share a link in the comments to learn from your creativity.

Happy Content Curating!