“Good morning, today is Meta Monday!”

That’s what Instagram followers hear every morning as a daily story opens where I spend one hour a day live-learning very specific topics that I believe marketers need to know in order to future-proof their careers. In real time, and in the midst of economic upheaval I’m motivated to creatively find a competitive edge to stay relevant in an ever-shifting industry.

The premise of the daily Instagram Story “show” is broken down into six niche topics that I am convinced will be mandatory learning for future CMO’s. So, I am actively and very publicly learning these key topics in real time to keenly understand how to best help businesses I work with and for to move into the next phase of marketing more seamlessly.

🌎 Meta Monday – One of the largest social platforms in the world is betting BIG on the Metaverse. As Marketers, should we?

📉 Trend Tuesday – Not the shiny things, but consumer mindsets.

🌐 Web 3.0 Wednesday – The web is changing, again! Marketers need to know how and why!

💎 Thriving Thursday – What I’m doing and learning to future proof my marketing career? Let me show you!

📋 Foundation Friday – No, not the makeup. (Duh) The Strategy!

🧦 Sock it to Me, Saturday – This is where you tell me what I need to work on. Yes, really!!!


Today I want to talk about a revolutionary approach of connecting our world, without being super weird!

To me, the Metaverse topic is completely overwhelming and currently seems to be nothing more that a discombobulated jumble of logic and reason. But with organizations like Disney and Nasa patenting Metaverse technology – there is clearly much more this reimagined virtual world. What we do know is that one of the world’s largest social platform – which pretty much controls everything we see and do – has gone “all in”. By combining their most trafficked apps under the new META umbrella there’s clearly something big going on! But what  is it?

This is how Mark Zuckerberg describes the shift during his October 2021 – Everything Facebook revealed about the Metaverse in 11 minutes.

At this point I actually feel I understand Web 3.0 better than I do the Metaverse, but here I am, diving in and flexing my marketing muscle.

Setting up Google Alerts for each of the above topics makes it easy for me to weed out what I need to focus on learning but with headlines like, “Apple said to have ruled out a metaverse for its mixed reality headset | Engadget” and “The metaverse offers a future full of potential – for terrorists and extremists too” or my favorite (but not really), “The Metaverse’s Effects on Mental Health: Trivial or Troubling?” I’ve had a troubling time finding the positive cultural effect of the Metaverse.

So, why is this important to marketers?

With so many companies scooping up (paying for) virtual land within the Metaverse we see insights into major market shifts on the rise. More importantly we are all trying to make sense of how this will effect customer communications. With the professional work of a marketer being wrapped up in – managing profitable relationships – we need to know how this will shift consumer communication abilities.

While it’s currently being depicted as “a worse version of the world we currently have” I can’t help but wonder if the unknown factors will cause many marketers to put this topic on a shelf? For now anyways. Until maybe one day when were at the end of our career?

With 99% of marketing professionals aim being to one day earn the role of CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) we can’t sit back and ignore seismic communication shifts in the market that we see emerging between the Metaverse and Web 3.0.

How do marketers ensure they are staying relevant 10, 20, 30 years from now? That’s the whole reason I started this show. I fall into that 99% category, and I’m actively trying to future-proof my career. If you are too, I hope you’ll join in on the learning process on Instagram.

Although the metaverse may have beat me today, I always have next Monday.

For now, I leave with you an eye-opening “Verse” experience – creatively and hilariously depicted by Inspired by Iceland.