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In the ever-evolving marketing world, breaking new ground and conquering the wilds of the industry is crucial. As a seasoned marketer with a decade of mastery, I’ve practiced staying ahead of the pack. To help businesses turn customer interactions into conversions, I blend fundamental techniques with cutting-edge strategies. But it’s not just technology that wins the day. It’s about enduring together as a community and creating a culture of continual learning that makes failure simply unthinkable.

Have you ever found yourself in a room full of complete strangers who just get you? Probably not too often, right?!? Yet, that was my experience at The Uprising Marketing event.

It was a life-changing opportunity where I found myself in an intimate setting among some of the most experienced and experimental marketers in the world. For three immersive days, we were a collision of personal and professional journeys, all on the quest for relentless relevance in an industry that will be unrecognizable in less than two years. As a collective of marketers, boy did we discover something special! Together, we uncovered a trove of Marketing Innovations revealed at the industry’s best-kept secret event. In just three days, my life was changed, and while I continue to digest what just happened to me it’s got me wondering what other treasures could we be uncovering if we only dared to step out of our comfort zones.

While completely outside my own comfort zone, I experienced the most unexpected pattern interruption while in attendance. A marketer for over a decade, I’ve dedicated my professional career to ensuring that my marketing innovatons are always updated and in alignment with consumer behavior trends. While I initially committed to and attended the event with a marketing mindset, I came home in the mindset of a philanthropic business owner – ready to change the world! See, I’ve had something brewing inside me for several years. Something that will shock many who know me and something that will disrupt our family’s way of life in both inspiring and challenging ways! Have you ever felt scared and baffled about making a big move? I know I have and it’s what’s kept me in limbo for years. But now, thanks to an amazing community of marketers who prioritize empathy and humanity, I’m both forever grateful and a bit dumbfounded about how a group of completely wonderful strangers were able to bring the pieces together to form my life’s greatest conclusion – purpose, clarity and vision.

First, The Takeaways

The Uprising sparked immense personal growth revelations and marketing innovations that cannot be condensed into a summary. However, all marketers can take note of the industry’s shift towards a value-based prompt-first economy, leaving behind the content-overwhelmed approach. For those ready to adapt to the changing landscape, here are the key shifts to keep on your radar.


The key to relevance is

not about playing consumer

catch-up with content.

Rather, it’s about finding

innovative ways to start

a new conversation around

changes they’ve already

been through – without you.


A.I.R your story and capture

your audiences attention. 

For content to influence 

it must contain all three: 

an authentic voice,

interesting to your customers,

relevant to their pain points.

Centering on what they care for.


Going {way} Beyond Social!

Prioritize building meaningful

customer relationships through

personalized communication flow

and earn the right to better serve 

them. This is will prepare us 

 for new Web3 standards

& achieve greater retention rates.

Who knew that a simple interruption in your patterns could lead to such amazing things! That’s exactly what happened to me when I found myself sitting among this group of powerful and impressive professionals. I was caught off guard from the very beginning, wondering what I was even doing there. But looking back, I realize that it was Mark’s sensitivity to intentional connectivity that led me to be invited to that meeting. And although I didn’t know these people and wasn’t sure what I could contribute, I took a bold step and decided to trust in myself. And you know what? The revelation gained from my lack of clarity led to amazing results that will reverberate through the rest of my life.

I’m More Than a Marketer, I’m a Mission Maker!

Tired of feeling like I was just going through the motions in the marketing industry, it was during the ‘PURPOSE’ development process led by Mark Schaefer and Keith Jennings that changed everything for me. As we delved into the importance of finding your ‘Why,’ it suddenly became clear why I had been feeling so unfulfilled. My inner yearning for entrepreneurship had been suppressed by the belief that I wasn’t good enough to succeed in marketing. But that couldn’t have been further from the truth! It was simply not my true passion, but rather a fallback that had propelled me along the way. Now, armed with a deeper understanding of my true ‘Why,’ I can move forward with more clarity and purpose.

To my utter shock, my why has nothing to do with marketing. My why is wrapped up in helping mothers of sexually abused children navigate a taboo and complex landscape that leads to healing and freedom. It’s my why because my family suffered this atrocity a few years ago, in which my father is currently serving a prison sentence for.

I’ve kept this topic all covered up, mostly because what does it have to do with my marketing profession? But at The Uprising, I stopped looking at myself like a marketer, but as a mission maker instead. That not only gave me the permission to talk about what we’ve experienced but also flooded my mind with all the connections I’ve made to finally bring a business that supports this underserved community to fruition.

Because of The Uprising, I’m on a new path one that I’ve had inside of me but chose to ignore because I was too afraid to let go of the half-hearted career I’ve built for myself replacing it with a mission that fuels my soul due to its ability to point countless others to healing. I’m only at the beginning of my new journey, but with thirty new friends who I’ve forever bonded with – I know I now have access to more support than I could have ever imagined.

So the next time life interrupts your pattern, embrace the change and see where it takes you!

Next, The Examples

As I sifted through my nine pages of notes, I distilled the essence of practical marketing down to three impactful examples. These strategies, when combined with marketing innovations, are timeless principals that can be applied in any situation to remain relevant. And the best part? They all revolve around the simple but powerful notion that, in the end, humanity always prevails over the competition. Are you ready to learn how to out-human, not just out-market? Read on.

As AI takes over the world,

from warehouses to call centers,

 us creative professionals know

one thing for sure: AI will never

top our original thinking. 

It’s simple, really. Creativity is

uniquely human and these bots, well, they just can’t keep up!


Let’s be real, we all 

forget about the simple things

when we’re on the grind.

But the owner of John’s crazy

socks have got it down pat:

being happy leads to success.

So let’s spread some joy, people!


We explored how recognizing

market seams can lead to

game – changing innovation.

Take a lesson from the legendary

Conrad Hilton, who hunted down

business to fill gaps in the market.

Don’t wait for success to come,

go out and claim it yourself!

A journey of relentless relevance on a path toward the kinship economy.

10 Reasons to Attend The Uprising Event

An all-inclusive, immersive experience unlike anything else

Energy, inspiration, and connections to a world of bold new marketing ideas

Life-changing experiences and personal growth opportunities

Opportunities to form new friendships with business leaders quickly

Beautiful and inspiring atmosphere with ponds, gardens, and forests

Intimate group size and caliber of attendees set the experience apart from other marketing events

All food, lodging, beverages, entertainment, and learning experiences included in investment

An atmosphere of new ideas, inspiring conversations, and relaxed fun created by Mark Schaefer

Mix of short presentations, deep discussions, and small conversations makes every minute of the day exciting

Alumni receive lifetime benefits, including exclusive content and networking 

To those feeling like just another marketer in an oversaturated industry, attend The Uprising and uncover game-changing innovations. Yes, in marketing innovations, but possibly WAY beyond! Through a prism of problem-solving, attendees are challenged to identify untapped spaces in their industry and find unique ways to fill spaces outside of the obvious with personal passions and experiences. The speakers at The Uprising are marketing experts who offer practical, actionable advice that drives real results. Mark Schaefer, Mathew Sweezey, Robbie Fitzwater, Sarah Neely, Jules Morris, Nancy Harhut, Karine Abbou, Richard Bliss, and Kimberley Gardiner are among those who shared their insights on various marketing strategies that can help businesses of all sizes succeed in the digital age. These speakers offer invaluable insights and practical advice, ranging from the future of marketing to customer retention rates, AI, human patterns, and more. Attendees will leave feeling inspired and motivated to apply these innovative strategies to their own businesses.


The Uprising Marketing event was a memorable, inspiring experience and one that I won’t soon forget. Not only did I uncover hidden marketing gems from some of the most innovative marketers in the industry, but I also built new relationships and met old friends. It was extremely empowering to see how collaboration and community can drive personal growth and impactful change. If you’re looking to integrate more game-changing marketing strategies into your business approach, then attending an event like this is definitely worth considering! And if you want to get ahead of the curve now, try applying some of these key takeaways: foster collaborative relationships between teams to balance workloads, outsource tasks to free up your own time and resources, experiment with audience engagement on digital platforms, reinforce transparency and authenticity throughout your organization’s operations, focus on creating a unique customer journey through all marketing channels, and prioritize trust-building as a powerful tool for market penetration.

Revolutionize Your Strategy: Connect With The Latest marketing Innovations !

In the ever-evolving marketing world, breaking new ground and conquering the wilds of the industry is crucial. As a seasoned marketer with a decade of mastery, I’ve seen the importance of staying ahead of the pack. To help businesses turn customer interactions into conversions, I blend fundamental techniques with cutting-edge strategies. But it’s not just technology that wins the day. It’s about enuduring together as a community and creating a culture of continual learning that makes failure simply unthinkable. 

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