Marketing is not a one size fits all endeavor. The same tools that are being used to drive your in-house marketing team forward shouldn’t be applied haphazardly when it comes to outbound or digital campaigns because each organization has unique needs which must be met with tailored solutions! As an experienced – Masters Level Marketer –  I’ve made my career focusing on training professionals how to best utilize essential team components so they too may reach their full potential professionally while also maintaining the customer communications necessary to help grow your company.




Only 35% of marketers said that understanding the ROI of their campaigns is “Very or Extremely Important.” Sourced by HubSpot


The marketing world is dynamic and ever-changing — trends, technology, & tactics never sit still.

That’s why it’s critical that your organization stay up-to-date with new developments in the industry. After all, the last thing you want is for your business to fall behind while your competitors move on. 

But how confident are you in your current marketing performance? 

In the past decade I’ve worked with over ten organizations, in ten different industries and the reality is – many businesses use antiquated tactics in an attempt to build brands, earn loyalty and move products/services. Although they may be incorporating modern day tools, they tend to be more focused on a sales-focused tactics that customers are tired of responding to.

No more fumbling around in the dark! Our team sheds light on the new way of marketing – one-to-one story based marketing – and trains your team to be – Made To Market ready!



Only 35% of marketers said that understanding the ROI of their campaigns is “Very Important” or “Extremely Important. Sourced by HubSpot



Only 15% of marketers measure the success of their content programs by how many leads they generate. Sourced by Hubspot



Less than 30% of companies offer self-service, live chat, social messaging, in-app messaging, bots or peer-to-peer communities. Sourced by HubSpot



Only 25% of companies invest in mobile optimization as a top SEO tactic. Sourced by HubSpot


Marketing mistakes are often made without even realizing it. For example, have you ever wondered about the psychographics (i.e., personality types)of your target audience? Or maybe set goals based on organizational KPIs rather than marketing performance levels-which ones would be better for business success in this case?!

Your marketing department has the potential to make all the difference between organizational growth or stagnation. How well is yours performing? With success as a CMO, I can audit and train your marketing team to perform better! 


Are you looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and make your customers want more? I can help. Whether it be through content marketing or social media, my side hustle includes building unique travel-related pieces that will get people talking about all things related to where they’re going next!

Combining the logic of analytics along with the emotion of brand voice and messaging my adventurous side elevates life outside – for others – with travel tips, stories & gear reviews. Watch it on OutdoorUP


In hot pursuit to upset the marketing industry I’ve turned into a social analyst. Surrounding all things content creation, I’ve had the pleasure of discovering some neat things along the way. From defining social media (ROI) return on investment to creating communities that markets for you – I’ve become an expert on building a measurable marketing mix.

For those reasons, and a few others, I’ve got a lot to say concerning the masterful mindset of digital influence, brand development and content construction – that I look forward to sharing with others.

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Over the past 10 years, I’ve been involved in multiple marketing projects that resulted in business growth. Responsible for performance development of content optimization brand consistency for clients across the country, my marketing tool belt is quite full.

A marketing nerd to the max, I thoroughly enjoy the raw and often messy conversations that come from determining next best steps. Want to learn to make the most of your marketing by leveraging real time analytics to fine-tune content creation across multiple consumer touch-points? Get in touch.

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Dear Marketers, the world needs you to stop selling and start storytelling!

Only you have the uncanny storytelling and relationship-building skillset to leverage marketing’s transforming powers. From analytics to strategic development, your skills span way beyond selling stuff. But are marketers learning how to operate outside a sales-motivated mentality that leads to measurable success? 

It’s time to expect more from marketing, upholding its ability to revolutionize the business landscape. Look inside to learn what makes marketers “Made to Market” ready!

Read it, four different ways








Being “Made to Market” ready is all about leveraging your Marketing Team’s innate sense and uncanny relationship-building skillset to bring your organization into the future. It’s about getting out of a sales-motivated mentality and focusing on customer driven results. From analytics to the strategic development process, a marketer’s skills span way beyond selling stuff on social media. But are marketers learning what’s needed to connect dots that lead to marketing success?