Google+ is a dynamic media provider that spans far beyond an advertising platform. They are continuously in the works of building a fully integrated platform to market; using channels such as Youtube, ad words, and social sharing content through Google+. Where Facebook can’t yet contend; these tools all work together to boost a company’s SEO performance.  I see Google+ as the ultimate integration of business and consumer relations, with a goal to be as valuable as possible to both consumers and businesses. Their big picture goals seem to be going in the right direction as, “Google ad revenues are bigger than that of the entire U.S.” –Mitch Joel/Twistedimage

While Facebook is an astronomical social platform, with numbers almost comical compared to Googles platform, I believe their marketing integration’s are still in the beginning stages. Facebook is strictly a social platform with a goal to “connect to the whole world” as Mark Zuckerberg recently explained in his 10 year plan.

Facebook went public Friday, May 18, 2012 and since that time they have been making major moves to focus on bringing in ad revenues. The challenge is in keeping both marketers and consumers happy. I’ve found the “sweet spot” to be in high valuable content. If your community loves the content you share, Facebook actually rewards marketers with free views.

Yes, I said free views!

Since they are publicly traded they want you to succeed as a business. But, if your content lacks, your posts will eventually die a slow death.

Although Facebook certainly has the numbers to prove the platform is a crowd favorite; Millennial expert Chelsea Krost describes how Google plus is an underutilized “secret weapon” in this Bloomberg debate.

Google+ currently has:

300 Million Monthly active users

Average time on the site, 7 minutes

28% of Millennials use monthly


Facebook currently has:

1.35 Billion monthly users

Average time on site, 21 minutes

66% of Millennials use monthly


I’m most experienced with Facebook ads so that is where my expertise will want to weigh in. I’ve found a great deal of success with highly targeted Facebook ads and rich custom content.  But, to be fair, I read this article; “Get the most bang for your buck; Google ad words VS Facbook ads” in order to further understand the big picture.

According to the article, “Google Ad words are targeted based on search terms. This is extremely helpful for businesses that offer services that would appeal to a fairly broad demographic – a local restaurant, sports equipment, landscaping services, etc. ”

The article goes on to explain, “if you have a very niche business, you may have better results with Facebook, which allows you to place ads that target a very specific subset of people.”

However, “Golden recommends starting with Google first, because it’s demand-based. If someone is actively searching for a solution to a problem, or even looking for a brick and mortar business in their hometown, they’re much more responsive to Google ads.”

According to this Business Journal article  Millennials are actually less likely to click on Google ads. Why? “Millennials don’t want in-your-face marketing. They want gifs, memes, and other native content,” he said. “Millennials say, ‘I want to see messages that are appropriate to me.” Says Braxton Huggins a Houston-based social media and digital strategist.

What I’ve learned this week; it all comes to understanding and testing your niche market and this video makes some of the most important Millennial stats more digestible.

My hope is, it helps you decide the results of this ongoing debate for yourself.