Gary Vaynerchuk is a masterful proponent of the social media marketing realm and his advanced use is just the reason his personal brand is a favorite of mine.  With an effective twist, he has clutched the concept of selling without being “sales-y” through a concept he calls: Jabbing.

In fact he wrote the book on it; quite literally in his newest book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.

If you’re familiar with boxing then you get the strategic choice to jab well before landing that right hook. Gary V. has applied that same concept to sales and his results are nothing short of amazing.  I continue to follow him to gain more insight into how to be a truly successful marketer.

It’s a simple concept really.  

He treats everyone like they are important.  I know that may seem like a no brain-er, but if you monitor how big brands respond to customers its clear true service is the secret sauce holding companies back from success through social channels.

“How about we do something that actually matters,” in business.

Gary has been preaching the message that great exceptional service is the key to “scaling the un-scale-able” for years. With over  1 Million followers on Twitter alone, Gary V. clearly understands how to treat each of his followers.

How does he reach them all? Through one-of-a-kind personalized content, shaking up these trending marketing channels.

YouTube. The #AskGaryVee Show is heavily dedicated to connected to the passionate “Vayner-Nation” as Gary answers questions and offers advice in a direct way. His show includes a dynamic amount of personal attention, advice and witty humor; packed into about 15 helpful marketing minutes.

Gary never fails to prompt the conversation to continue, after the show, in the comments below.

Website. My favorite part of; He doesn’t directly sell a thing! Even the 3 books he’s written have links to outside sales sources rather than taking in direct sales. Do you know he owns a media company? As a new visitor to his site, you’d never suspect it. Yes, he’s in business to succeed and gain profits but that is the overwhelming result to all the great content he shares. Gary V. doesn’t just speak about giving most; he gives most in the form of every piece of content on his site. Take a moment and think about the last 10 websites you’ve visited, and weigh out how sales heavy they were. You won’t find a digital version of a brochure here. So, if you’re looking for that I suggest checking elsewhere.

The closest thing I found to a sales message were his subtle pop up’s, every once in a while, nudging pursuers to join his VIP list. No, you don’t opt in to “unlock” any of his amazing content. He shares that whether you sign up or not.


Gary Vaynerchuk books


Email. For those enticed to “Become a Gary VIP” this isn’t where the sales relationship starts. In fact, I’m still wondering where that starts because I don’t feel he’s ever tried to sell anything to me. He is patient and sparing with his email blasts. I have received 1 email a month since becoming a VIP five months ago. Two were for a coupon on his speaking event with Seth Godin and Dave Ramsey. The other three were links to catch up on his daily content. He is slow to the sale because he gets how important it is to first foster a meaningful relationship.

Sales folks would call this foolish. But his results speak far beyond ancient sales methods.

Podcasts.  Gary V. gets that this tool can be used very effectively to the 2% of American’s looking to consume podcast content in the marketing realm as shared in the article, “why podcasting is bigger than we think.” Gary offers an outlet to start a relationship not merely the opportunity to sell. Consumers actually spend 25% more of their day listening to podcast than they do listening to the owned music and radio in a particular set of people. Gary has the constant ability to notice a trend before it explodes and slips in to become the expert in yet another form.

Blog. Gary V. uses his blog posts to share his thoughts and ideas of the good, bad and ugly of marketing but he integrates video; which is a proven content to keep visitors around 54% longer. His blog is always on point and never fails to push marketers forward in their field to continually strive to market better than the day before. He accomplishes this by consistently providing advice in a way that lights fires in your marketing mind.

Books. Gary V. has written three New York Times Best Selling books as of January 2015, that are a major proponent in sharing his expert insight on marketing in the digital world.

Crush it. “If you’re looking for motivation to pursue your passion, Vaynerchuk delivers the goods.”-CBS Moneywatch

The Thank you Economy. “The Thank You Economy is about something big, something greater than any single revolutionary platform… has given consumers back their voice, and the tremendous power of their opinions via social media means that companies and brands have to compete on a whole different level than they used to.” -Amazon

Jab Jab Jab Right Hook. “When managers and marketers outline their social media strategies, they plan for the “right hook”—their next sale or campaign that’s going to knock out the competition. Even companies committed to jabbing—patiently engaging with customers to build the relationships crucial to successful social media campaigns—want to land the punch that will take down their opponent or their customer’s resistance in one blow. Right hooks convert traffic to sales and easily show results. Except when they don’t.” -Amazon

Video.  Gary V.’s use of video surpasses that of any other major brand I’ve seen. The best part about how he markets his site; it’s all video. Even his blog posts are cut short as he leads the reader into a video led message. Every video is all about learning the social market and include zero sales messages. The truth is video is on the rise in a big way.

1.  By 2014, 90% Of All Web Traffic Will Be Video-Based (Cisco)

  1. 188.5 Million Americans Watched 46.7 Billion Online Content Videos In August 2013. (ComScore)
  2. Online Video Users Are Expected To Double To 1.5 Billion In 2016. (Cisco)

Just by using the word “video” in your subject line increase click through rate by 13% as further explained in this “Why Video” video.



But why do only 2% of marketers consider the use of YouTube their most important marketing platform?  According to the Social Media Examiners Industry Report, 67% of marketers plan to increase their video content in 2015 because they are now seeing the value. Those who are already taking advantage of this content strategy are seeing a boom in their online communities.

Gary V. gets it and has run with it. In doing so he is now 53% more likely to show up on the first page of Google under the long tail search query “how to build a personal brand.”


Gary Vaynerchuck video



Facebook Dark Posts.  Currently considered to be the most powerful online ad tool; this is an unpublished post set up in Facebook’s Power Editor. Works like an ad, in the sense that it doesn’t post to your wall but makes it way around FB through such intense targeting it will blow your mind. But, it looks acts and feels like a post and doesn’t show up in the same format as an ad.



Twitter. Gary V. uses his Twitter to connect and talk. Simple right? That’s all I’ve ever seen him do. In fact over the majority of his post starts with the @ symbol because more often than not he’s engaging in direct conversations. Not about sales but about birthdays and books and wine.


Gary Vaynerchuk on Twitter

What a fun way to build a business!


So I’m sure you’re wondering, with all these channels he’s using, for what seems to be other than selling, how does he make sales? Simple, he respects the fact that people aren’t ignorant. They don’t need to be “reminded” how amazing he is and why they should buy from him. He gets that when true relationships are formed his expert knowledge speaks for itself leaving people no other choice than to go to the expert; when the time comes.

Whether your seeking an expert in wine or marketing, he’s leveraged himself with content and sincerity that makes the competition pale in comparison.

His theme: its not just about that one sale, it’s about a life time of sales based on affiliations.

Instagram. This is where Gary V. gets a bit sales-y. While that bothers people, it doesn’t bother me at all for these two reasons.

1. He’s in business to sell. Fellow marketers, we are in business to do the same except we sell really bad.

2. Even his Sales (as he calls them, right hooks) have a thread of gratitude running through them and always offer value.

Who doesn’t want value when buying wine? I sure do!

Follow his sales-y tactics on Instagram to learn some tricks that I’ve picked up from him along the way.


Gary Vaynerchuk on Instagram



When you follow @GaryVee on Instagram don’t be surprised when you see a post in your feed that looks something like this.

This is about as sale-y as it gets. Free wine for a friend, yes please!


Gary Vaynerchuk wine library tv


The best part, you don’t have to buy from his million dollar Wine Library shop or hire him to be the keynote speaker at your company’s next event to continuously learn how to take your marketing to the next level.

As someone working towards building my own personal brand, the best advice I’ve gleaned from him is to, “stop worrying about being a big brand, and do some work!”

Following Gary V. has taught me to learn to be patient and be the one giving more to others than any of my competitors, with a goal to build a meaningful relationship. The same holds true for anyone in any industry.

The tools he uses are simply ways to reach out and build those most coveted relationships. These channels represent the overall picture of his strategic plan to “touch everyone in the world.” But seriously, that’s not creepy at all.