“Good morning, today is Foundation Friday!”

That’s a version of what Instagram followers hear every morning as I open a daily story where I spend one hour a day studying and learning very specific topics that I believe marketers need to know in order to future-proof their careers. In real time, and in the midst of a major market shift, I’m motivated to creatively find a competitive edge to stay relevant in an ever-shifting industry.

The premise of the daily Instagram Story “show” is broken down into six niche topics that I am convinced will be mandatory learning for future CMO’s. So, I am actively and very publicly learning these key topics in real time to keenly understand how to best help businesses I work with and for to move into the next phase of marketing more seamlessly.

🌎 Meta Monday – One of the largest social platforms in the world is betting BIG on the Metaverse. As Marketers, should we?

📉 Trend Tuesday – Not the shiny things, but consumer mindsets.

🌐 Web 3.0 Wednesday – The web is changing, again! Marketers need to know how and why!

💎 Thriving Thursday – What I’m doing and learning to future proof my marketing career? Let me show you!

📋 Foundation Friday –

Over on Instagram, let’s Live-Learn – together! In this series, @MRSDSTAHL explores the latest trends in marketing – not just those shiny things that get all of our attention but also how customers are evolving. Or, read this wrap up.

🧦 Sock it to Me, Saturday – This is where we discuss important issues in our industry and come up with solutions that will help us all grow together!

The journey of a customer through your business is an important part to consider when designing any strategy.

Let me show you what happened during this Foundation Friday, which is the day we deep dive into active marketing strategies.