In my search for the perfect clients I’ve come to discover something very interesting & quite alarming; businesses don’t know what they are looking for in a marketer.

Do you?

Do You Know What To Look For In A Marketer? from Sarah Stahl on Vimeo.


Morning, Noon and Night; I live & breath marketing.

I’m constantly testing, creating, learning and pushing the limit so I can become a highly trusted (and well paid) marketing consultant.

I want to be the best, and my work reflects that.

But, do you know how to weed out the best?

If you are searching for a marketer, the following 7 skills are tasks the most advanced proficients are anxiously awaiting to put into practice:

  1. Deliberate planning & goal setting.
  2. Development of brand awareness & online reputation.
  3. Generate inbound traffic.
  4. Cultivation of leads & sales.
  5. An in depth understanding of SEO.
  6. Purposeful content creation.
  7. Create analytical reports to help ceo’s make important business decisions.

If you are looking to make the next step in your search for the perfect marketer, you can start with my one hour social audit session to determine if my services are a fit for you.

The goal of this 1 hour session is to organize a digital marketing strategy by addressing problems and offering manageable action steps that lead to consistent growth.

See you soon!