I can’t help but start with this quote because it speaks volumes to the reason I am so personally passionate about Social Media Marketing.

 “We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media; the question is how well we DO it.” – Eric Qualman

Powerful, RIGHT?!?!

We are on the presuppose of something big. Yes, like the invention of the telephone big!  I know the internet is old news, so how much can things really change? I know most of you are in my shoes and have been involved in managing a company’s social media account in some way or another and you have probably also seen how it’s changing the way in which we communicate with one another.

As the New York Times article “Mind Over Mass Media” explains, there will always be a climate of criticism and panic revolved around  new technological breakouts throughout time.  But if anything is starting to sink in from what I’ve been learning it’s: the truth is in the data.

Critics argue experience can change the brains processing capabilities. “If electronic media were hazardous to intelligence, the quality of science would be plummeting. Yet discoveries are multiplying like fruit flies and progress is dizzying.” –COMP

What we have learned from history is there will always be a wide gap between “sneezers” and “late adopters” as Seth Godin has so cleverly categorized the spectrum of a purchase. The best we can do as innovators is move forward and push the envelope with rigor and innovation, closely paralleled with our morals and facts. Regardless of what the naysayers subjective opinions are.

Truth is we are in control of how technology affects our life and as a Marketer I can’t ignore how Social Media is affecting (either positively or negatively) the outcome of most every company; whether thy like it or not.

I also can’t ignore that Millennials are essentially worth $170B in yearly buying power, in which 96% of them have adopted Social Media as a part of their daily lives in some form or another.Furthermore, I can’t ignore Millennials are blase’ when it comes to email conversions, but are almost always converted with the recommendation of a friend.

Just those 3 facts alone should speak volumes to how we approach clients on Social Media.

Clearly, communication has not only changed how we interact but it has changed how consumers decide to purchase. I am so over the excuses as to why older marketing techniques are being forced into use in unrelated ways and in direct opposition of what potential clients want. It’s time to change already!


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