Marketing has traditionally functioned to package a selective presentation, tie a pretty bow around it and sell the contents before the customer truly understands what they are receiving.

That’s worked for quite a while, far too long in my opinion; but it worked. So businesses never saw a reason to deviate from the status quo. Besides, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, right?!

The problem is, where traditional marketing formats where once about perfect packaging we now see it’s about developing a transparent relationship with your niche market. The conversation is there, but most businesses miss the opportunity to just be available because they are busy trying to sell rather than connect.

“Marketing is about spreading ideas, and spreading ideas is the single most important output of our civilization.” – Seth Godin

How do I know there is a breakdown in the traditional marketing format? By evaluating engagement rates. Just like when you go to the doctor and your heart rate is measured as a foundation for your health status; the same holds true with engagement rates.

Let’s look at a quick example with the company Entrepreneur. With over 3M followers you would think their engagement rates would be incredibly high. Not the case. In this image you see that a post from today is averaging .49% engagement. Just to give a bit of perspective, most companies average 1% engagement across all industries and celebrate a tremendous success when they hit 10% engagement among followers.



But what I see in parallel is, the tremendous amount of conversation taking place around the hashtag #Entrepreneur. On Twitter we see an almost unmeasurable conversation taking place with new posts taking place every minute. While on Instagram we see over 200K conversations that have happened under that hashtag. So clearly the engagement potential is there. But where is the disconnect? Consumer Connections.

It seems broke, let’s fix it.

What we now see is the decline of effectiveness in traditional marketing tactics because consumers are growing more savvy, require more transparency with social media and they want to know who the business is in full.

Even the wrinkles?  Especially the wrinkles!

Businesses are so busy trying to catch up with what a social strategy even looks like, that they are missing the next big shift, and that is: Relationship Marketing. This phenomenon involves sharing our process rather than shifting our packaging around.

What that means is, a full integration of documenting the business process and its effect on consumers by looking at ourselves and who we are and what we bring to the relationship, at all levels.

Consumers are desperate for you to rip through pretty packaging and embrace what’s inside, whether it’s as shiny as the other guy or not. If who you, and what you offer truly fills a need then telling that story through the consumer experience will create the disruptive breakthrough that leads to success.

I’m disrupting Marketing by bringing consumer relationships to whole new levels.

That’s the bottom line. When you hire me to create marketing strategies for your business we start by taking a few steps back to fully understand who you are, what your story is and how it relates to your customer. We then look at how each of those personality pillars fits in with your customers life. We then move forward with building a strategy based on an aligned relationship with your niche market. This way we bridge the transparency gap and build a community that markets for you, as opposed to advertising at them.

If you are ready to cause disruption in your marketing strategy, Let’s Chat.