The following 5 Steps will help you Define your Social Media Measurements. On the surface,  the easy answer would be, “With ROI, of course.” But is that where it ends? And what does that look like in actual measurable steps and not just theoretically. 

There has been a great deal of buzz around determining the value of your Social Media efforts. But very little insight beyond that. Yes, I get it you have to determine if your decisions, your time and your money are all placed wisely to leverage success’; that’s not new.

What is new is finding out actual answers to those questions, for company’s using any form of a web marketing plan. If it was as easy to determine your ROI as it was to say, it I wouldn’t have a job. Thankfully I do; because there is so much more to it than that and I’m here to offer up practical guidance so you can determine just what’s valuable to you and how to tack it.

On page 16 you’ll see a bit of humor depicting how simple company’s think it is for people to buy from them online. And no, It’s not so easy a caveman can do it! 

Humans are wonderfully dynamic. That’s what makes them passionately defend their online communities that they have become extremely loyal to.

But to reach the level of a true, trustworthy community that leads to real growth in your company requires a few calculated, consistent steps to make it happen.

Am I about to give you a magic formula to success! NO way, and anyone who says they can deliver that I would ask them to prove it right there on the spot.

  1. You must define your own ROI.

Defining your Social Media ROI can be tricky if your looking for one basic definition. The truth is ROI is so perplexing it’s definition is currently up for debate according to this Buffer Article. The true beauty in determining your ROI is actually in the word “Your” and not so much on ROI. Yes, ROI is immensely important, without it your basically driving blind in the vehicle that is your business. But the “your” is just more heavily weighted in that pair, and what makes you stand out among the crowd to ultimately drive your own ROI with all eyes open!

Besides, you are unique. Your customers are unique and their expectations of what you have to offer them is also unique. This is why following a pattern on social media will always end in failure. If you listen to any amazing Social Media success stories they all have the same theme. They did something that was different from the norm. Their advice isn’t to be followed to the “T” but, should encourage you to think outside the box to make waves and bring attention in your own situation.

So, what does your ROI look like? It doesn’t necessarily have to be in dollars and cents. It’s what you consider valuable as you rise to the top. I’m curious what the looks like for you?

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  1. Conversions must be traceable.

That is worth repeating. But you get the point, so I won’t. You must track each conversion. A conversion is that final desired action that is taken, preferably on your website.  It basically looks like this, but step one and three come in many different forms. 

                                   Conversion Track (2)

But, like everything else. It takes time. It may take 3 months for this conversion to happen. Regardless of how long it takes, you must be able to analyze each step a client takes along their conversation track. Why? Because the goal isn’t just sales. Your goals should include learning more about your potential clients in order to continuously adjust to what they expect from you. With Google Anylitics, you can accomplish all this, and more! You can see (yes visually) from the organic keyword search a potential client typed in, to the final goal completed on your website and all points in between. If you don’t have a clue what clients are doing right now, this alone will seriously revolutionize your Marketing efforts! 

Why do we make conversions traceable? To make decisions! That way you can determine if your hot new idea that you put in motion was actually flop. With social media marketing you no longer have to invest a great deal of time and money on those great or not so great ideas. So, why would you not track conversions?

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  1. Content must be memorable!

I know, you think everything you put out there is hot stuff! I can guarantee, it’s not. I even know some of my content isn’t always A game material. It’s the nature of the beast and we won’t be perfect all the time. But when we get emotionally connected to the great gems we think we are sharing it leaves us blind to what our communities actually want. Listen! If you hear crickets, chances are your content is not memorable. Being consistent is 100x’s better than being perfect, so that’s where you should focus. 

But to help you get on the right path, Here are some of my favorite people who have shared amazing content marketing tips!

1. Social Media Examiner 7 Tips for Making Your Blog a Content Marketing Magnet

2. Kathryn Aragon 3 Can’t-Miss Tips for Optimizing Social Media Content

3. and, my all time Favorite! Marie Forleo Just watch her stuff! She inspires you to be your quirky self, and that is most of the secret behind Amazing content marketing.

 If you’ve made it this far in my article, jot down a few notes as to why this article was memorable and brainstorm. 

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  1. Build a community!

Do you know how to build a community? If not, think of your own community. What makes you excited about being a part of it? Is it all the flyers left on your windshield every time you go to the supermarket? Is it the endless junk mail from local establishments your post man swears is a government mandate? Or could it be the fact that your neighbors make a beeline for the door when you pull into your driveway at the same time?

Absolutely not! It’s the town meetings, the Saturday 5k’s, the holiday parades, the local volunteer opportunities and helping your neighbor when they have a flat. Communities are built around others making the best out of enjoying life’s moments in the midst of a meaningful activity; together.

That’s how communities have been built since the beginning of time; Because that’s how people are. To build an online community, requires the same. You just have to think outside the box to determine what that looks like as you brand yourself and adjust to community feedback. Here are a few basics to stick to:

Reinforce beliefs.

Be controversial.

Spark passionate discussions.

Lean about group dynamics.

Be dedicated.

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  1. Build a web.

Now that your building a community you’ve got to know how to “hustle” behind the scenes. If you were to stand back and look at the activities you choose to accomplish in a day you should see a web formation with your goal at the center. Not a bunch of lines streaming out into the nothingness.

Think Spiderman while trying to stop the runaway rail-car. 

Each thing you choose to dedicate your time to must be pre-planned, pre-thought, to all work together in unison at just the right time. This will literally stop a potential train wreck in your business.

If you aren’t hustling with a purpose behind the scenes, a train wreck is exactly what you’ll have and your community will it see it coming a mile away; and bail long before.

So, draw a picture of your web and share it with me online. I’d love to see how you are working to build your business; rather than just spinning your wheels!

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Just so you know, there is nothing ridiculously hard about measuring your Social Media ROI and then tracking it. It takes a few revelations in all the right places to see that ROI is just a piece in the puzzle that leads you to success. But, when used properly it will only push you forward to Killing it online! 

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