There is something optimistically refreshing about an overall Marketing review. I’m sometimes hesitant to share my professional opinions with others as I never want my insights to come across preachy.

Yes, there are lots of companies executing Integrated Marketing perfection. But, there are some that struggle or even lack the time in a day to perfect their marketing efforts as they’d like.

I’m excited to be given the opportunity, in this assignment, to review some pretty neat companies and offer a bit of insight on slight tweaks they can make to create a major impact in their growth process.

Although, these are very specific reviews, the concepts can certainly be repeated across various industries.

First Up: RSA Marketing

IMC Approach. Certainly present, but not yet fully developed. Their idea to “offer subscription-based integrated marketing projects for a flat rate” is very clear on their website but seems to lose clarity among their social platforms. On their social about pages, snippets of information were inconstant and were replaced with a broader message that didn’t quite define the same across channels.

The problem with being vague is discussed in the article “How being vague is hurting your SEO performance.”

Consistent Imagery/Messaging. There were minimal discrepancies found in the overall platform constancy. Imaging was spot on. Other than Google +, all platforms included the same logo, cover image, color codes and photos.

Current Content. Their content has a very engaging mix of behind the scenes photos, inbound marketing write ups and high quality industry shares.

In one week they averaged 11 updates across all platforms. I was very excited to see minimal internal promotion taking place, but during that time frame I think it’s necessary to have at least 1 simple post to clarify services that includes a strong call to action.

Following the 70/20/10 Rule is perfectly acceptable from a fans perspective.

To boost engagement they may consider telling clients stories to offer a bit of perspective and validity in showing the value of their services.

This is just a single example by Humans of New York, of how powerful community stories can truly be.

Social Drivers. I was unable to pick up on any cross platform references. It seems each platform is housing all the same content and includes no points to check out content on alternate social sites.

Hashtag Use. On Twitter and Facebook especially they seem very active with placing relative hashtags in most post. Hashtags include #‎digitalstrategy‪#‎onlinemarketing ‪#‎adland ‪#‎agencylife . I also found tags that specifically relate to individual posts referencing partnering companies and local interests.

Neat Finds. They have a really neat sister site Hydrolic Studio that represents their amazing video capabilities. Wasn’t sure why this entity was separate from their home site, but it was engaging and inspiring and showcased the value of their services quite well.

Next up, UBER Kansas

IMC Approach. 

Consistent Imagery/Messaging. As a franchise, the local entity of this modern transportation service greatly benefits from the top down content distribution that is found across all platforms. I’d like to see the resident entity break away a bit to talk directly to the local client base.

Current Content. Some of the most creative content I’ve seen yet; especially on their Instagram account. These engaging photos are just the “different” the world needs to see to help a brand stick in the mind of a potential customer.

Uber alphabet soup anyone?

Set the table and open your app. Follow along UberCHEF tonight on Snapchat. Username: uber

A photo posted by Uber (@uber) on

Social Drivers. All platforms have several mentions that drive current followers to engage on the Uber snapchat account.

Hashtag Use. There was a consistent use of the hashtag #thelittlethings on quite a few of their Twitter posts. When I narrowed down #thelittlethings in a Twitter search I found even more Uber post populated under the hashtag. I wasn’t able to put my finger on the campaign ideas related to the hashtag, as the posts were not about the topic. They just found unique ways to integrate that hashtag into different conversations. Curious to learn why.

Uber feel free to contact me and share your idea behind the use of the hashtag #thelittlethings. Would love to know your ideas behind this!

Neat Finds. Uber provides extremely relevant articles that are updated regularly to their blog. Content relates to how unfolding events affect their ridership. I found this article most interesting; “How the US government shutdown affects uber ridership patterns in Washington, DC.”

And finally, Style Bizarre.

IMC Approach. The owners consistent imprinting, marketing message and branding voice is perfectly executed across all 5 social channels I reviewed. Well don!

Consistent Imagery/Messaging. High quality, consistent photos are also used consistently across all platforms and is a credit to the social engagement received; especially on Twitter.

Current Content. All content I reviewed using the outbound (pull) marketing technique was full of SEO keywords and phrases directly related to her industry. The owner’s content is high in industry value and teaches readers new trends in the vegan wardrobe lifestyle.

Social Drivers. Each social platform housed mostly platform unique content and I was unable to find any cross reference to drive visitors to check out other sites.

Hashtag Use. The owners trending hashtags on Twitter consisted of #vegan #luxuryveganshoes #kindfashion #crueltyfreefashion that represents her understanding of reaching out and connecting with like-minded fashionistas in the industry.

Neat Finds. Very creative use of a call to action with her email sign up form. When visitors sign up they will instantly receive a free template for a no-knit beanie hat. What a fun way to get started on your journey to Vegan Fashion.

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