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How Social Selling Will Make You Question Everything

The idea of someone hounding me until I finally “give in”, just to get them off my back is never a thing I wanted to be associated with. I wrote another article where I talked quite a bit about how consumers want to connect in an actual “non-sales” related relationship before making a purchasing decision; which aligns with the shift in how people are now making purchasing decisions.

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15 Things You Should Know about Going LIVE on any Social Platform

As a social media marketing strategist I consider it a responsibility (and joy) to play around with social features in order to give my clients the most accurate suggestions when building an effective marketing strategy.
I learned quite a bit from today’s adventures in Live Streaming, and hope it offers some insight as you consider your Live journey.

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Is Social Media Really Working?

Is Social Media really working? If you ask a CEO if it’s important for the company to be on social media they’re almost guaranteed to say yes. However, 96% of businesses who invest in social media still feel the results are quite elusive. At the world’s largest social media marketing conference you will learn cutting edge solutions sure to solve the social marketing challenges that are sure to impress even the most skeptical boss. Sign Me Up!

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What Everyone Is Saying About Startup Week in Chattanooga.

In a fashion that can only be described as the amazing race, bouncing around the picturesque City of Chattanooga became all the rage during #StartupWeekCHA. Just like in The Amazing Race where the first one to the finish line wins, prizes were awarded every hour in the form of expert business wisdom freely shared by countless mentors in an array of industries.

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