Is Social Media Really Working?

If you ask your CEO if it’s important for the company to be on social media they’re almost guaranteed to say yes. After all, although 96% of businesses invest in social media many still feel the results are quite elusive.

In most cases I’m finding that the boss is not totally sold on or even completely understands how to make the most of the company’s social marketing efforts.

The line between marketing effectively and proving the factors that drive results can become blurred when it comes to explaining results to your boss. But, the world’s largest marketing event, hosted by The Social Media Examiner, has answers to all of your boss’s questions; or at least the top 6.

So if your boss has asked you any (or many) of the following questions, they will be impressed to learn there is an event that can solve all of the social marketing challenges you may be facing, today.

Marketing Events in 2017

1. Is it really necessary?

This is a question I hear a lot, “Yeah we probably should be there because everyone else is, but is it really worth our time?”

In that question lies the problem. This question raises many flags to include the total lack of understanding of just how powerful a connected social community has on a business.

A significant 90% of marketers said that social media is important to their businesses*

That stat more than proves that marketers totally get the importance of growing an online community. But when a boss asks the question above, it tells me there is a disconnect between the marketing team and management’s expectations.

This is a solution that can be remedied when you choose the Social Customer Service Track. In this series of seminars you will “learn how other companies are maximizing their social customer service teams to be their best marketing assets. You’ll discover how to turn haters into fans and how to identify and train employees to provide outstanding social care.”

2. Can it work with our existing marketing strategy?

This question points to the fact that a boss may not understand that social should be working in conjunction with any and all marketing strategies. The perfect marketing strategy is a well-functioning machine that spans a variety of platforms both online and off. Whether that be print, digital, community related; all of the above should point back to one global strategy.

35% aren’t sure if their Facebook marketing is effective*

This could be because the social functionalities of marketing are working in parallel, rather than tandem, to the overall strategy. When a congruent strategy is formalized it becomes easier to set up tracking as well as monitor key performance indicators that prove the results of a comprehensive approach.

This is a solution that can be remedied when you choose the Social Strategy Track. In this series of seminars you will “discover new strategies that will draw ideal customers to your business. You’ll soak in sessions on social strategy, the psychology of social media and more.”

3. Who will it target?

When this question is asked it becomes clear that specific target market profiles need to be identified and/or explained to the boss. Precisely defined demo and psychographics dictate not only targeting but the message, publications and even community events your company gets involved in.

92% of marketers want to know which tactics determine growth*

This starts by understanding the target audience in full, before crafting a marketing strategy. If there is a marketing strategy in place before you know your target audience (almost as well as you know your best friend) it will continue to be tough to know how to choose tactics that determine growth.

This is a solution that can be remedied when you choose the Content Marketing Track. In this series of seminars you will “discover how to leverage content to sell, how to move a {specific audience} to action and tips for creating content that grows your business.”

4. How do we measure results?

This question is at the forefront of pretty much every CEO’s mind, and for good reason. I mean, if something is taking away from the bottom line then it needs to be cut, right? But what about the thing that looks like it’s taking away from the bottom line, but really isn’t, only due to the fact that the right measurement trackers aren’t in place?

51% of marketers are not analyzing marketing tactics on a regular basis*

Just being on social media to create posts, respond to comments and share industry news is not how effective tracking measurements are set into motion. There are tools and tactics that guarantee effective results when set in motion to measure even the most basic strategies.

This is a solution that can be remedied when you choose the Measurement Track. In this series you will “discover how leading experts track, measure and analyze what really works with social media. You’ll finally be able to prove your social activities are working and find better ways to measure and calculate ROI!”

5. How do we protect our online reputation?

Reputation management is extremely important online. Almost 80% of consumers make purchasing decisions based on what other people are saying about brands, online. Although you can’t control what is being said, making an appearance every time something is said is vital. Most importantly, it proves to others you care about building a community that your customers have decided to dedicate their time to.

It’s kind of a big deal.

I have had quite a few CEO’s tell me how nervous they are about being on social media because of what people might say. The truth is, people are talking about your brand whether you are present or not. The scarier thing is, when millennials look up your company online and see you have a stagnant social presence, they often assume you are no longer in business. YIKES!

When I start working with clients they often want me to manage all their social platforms. My first response is to just start with one, perfect that, and then move to perfecting a second platform; based on where your customers are active.

55% of marketers say Facebook is the most important social network*

Starting with Facebook is usually the best decision, for most businesses, but there is a lot to learn about how to maintain your presence on any platform.

This is a solution that can be remedied when you choose the Corporate Social Track. In this series you will “pick up actionable ways to deal with crisis management, influencer marketing and employee advocacy. You’ll understand how your peers manage the unique demands of the corporate world while pushing the envelope with social media marketing.”

6. Yeah, but what does it cost?

One of the greatest tasks a marketer is responsible for is not only the technical skills required to create a savvy social strategy, but the ability to articulate results in a clear way that points to results. A well-educated marketing department has the potential to make all the difference in the long term growth of any business.

You will just have to decide how much the investment is worth to you.

Although the cost will vary based on when you purchase your ticket, how savvy you are with travel and your choice of accommodations, this is how the price typically breaks down for the 3 day educational, networking, event:

* Event retail cost: $1597 (includes breakfast and lunch) But, you can find it on Sale for a limited time Here

* Venue hotel rate: $239 per night

* Travel cost

Important “Perks” to consider.

“Can’t make all the Social Media Marketing World sessions you want to?

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You’ll have 12-month access to online recordings of everything. You can watch playbacks from your computer, tablet or smartphone at your leisure.” – SMMW

It’s a win, win!

This way all 6 of your boss’s most vital questions will be answered by the time you have completed the in person session track as well as the viewing of the remaining tracks.

Need help convincing the boss?

Go you covered! Just download this letter, fill in your details and hand it over to your boss.

Plus, it won’t hurt to review the agenda here and gain insight by taking a glimpse into last year’s event; together.

All that’s left to do is…

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*Stats found in the 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report from Social Media Examiner


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