This weeks assignment was to take on the hospitality industry by managing its reputation in the face of negative public review.

From the Red Cross, to Dominos we have studied quite a few reputation crisis’ that have played out in real time over a variety of social platforms. The following article discusses what I’ve learned to perfect the review cycle.

The question that businesses with a social presence should be asking themselves is not, “how do we avoid negative responses” but, “are we prepare to handle negative responses.”

“Being prepared for negative reviews, could actually win you a leg up on the competition; this is how!” Tweet it, yo!

The truth is Social Media is maturing and it’s no longer a matter of “if we are on social” but “how will we thrive on social.” Those in charge of the front lines of customer communications really need to be prepared, so disputes can quickly be diffused rather than escalating into a battle.

The following two reviews are real life comments left by hotel visitors on…dun, dun, dun.


Hyatt Regency Review: Orlando, Florida


Overall Sentiment Level: Great experience; minor disappointments. 

Although this family enjoyed their overall stay, the slight disappointments they encountered should not go unnoticed and addressing the issues with facts and sympathy is certainly the effort.


Travelwith3kiddos, we are so delighted you chose to stay with us during your recent visit to Orlando. A mother myself, I know how overwhelming it seem to truly enjoy a trip with children and am very excited to hear our recent upgrades caught your attention; as we continuously strive to ease the stress of traveling with little ones.

We’ve made it fun for them, which we know makes it more fun for you too. 😉

Late winter is always a great time to visit because it makes keeping an eyes on the kiddos much more enjoyable, but the storms can wreak havoc on our landscape. With 3 pools, our staff response time, to clear debris, can sometimes take longer than expected; depending on the strength of the storm.  We appreciate your patience with us.

As you have experienced, Florida storms can be quite pesky and that is the very reason we have built a protected parking deck. We would prefer our property get bumped and bruised rather than yours. We like to make decisions that consider our guests long term well being and decided a small daily fee to manage our garage was much more reasonable than leaving our guests vehicles in mother natures hands.

As you have discovered, one of the benefits of staying at our resort is the height of our hotel revealing magnificent views of the Atlantic. If this was the reason you requested a high floor I’m sorry to hear you did not get a chance to enjoy that view from your suite. Although we try to accommodate every request, sometimes availability prevents us from honoring each request as we would like.

I’m glad to hear your massage in our spa made up for that inconvenience. I totally agree, the experience is so divine the visits can go by a little to quick. We have some of the most experienced massage therapist in the Orlando area and their techniques frequently leave our guest “wanting more.”

Please feel free to follow us on Facebook as we do offer coupons to our spa as well as local attractions that should help make your next visit exactly what you’ve been dreaming of.

If there is anything else I can do for you please send me a direct message (enter email) and I’ll be happy to help you further.

Enjoy your day. -Name, Title

Here are a few ideas on how to be prepared! 


The Hilton Review: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida



Overall Sentiment Level: Negative; bummed out.

In hopes to enjoy her 10 year high school reunion this guest experience resulted in a cascade of negative events that put a sour note on her entire stay.


Luv2travelwithhubby, although I am a big fan of camping I am a firm believer that camping and hotel accommodations should never feel like the same experience. For that I am truly sorry that your overall stay was disappointing as I know you were expecting to enjoy every moment of your 10 year high school reunion.

Although this is no excuse, that weekend was very busy for us due to several events we had going on that caused us to drop the ball more times that we are proud of.

And no hot water!?!? That would of had me boiling! Shame on us.

We are known by our regulars for having very attentive response times so I’m wondering if you had the chance to call in any of these issues as they unfolded? If you didn’t have the chance that’s OK, I’m glad you have now brought it to our attention.

Speaking of which your complaint about our parking code box is the first of its kind. I’m off to talk with maintenance about building a mini awning to help protect all our guest precious extremities.

So sorry you had a negative experience, to make it up please let me know where I can mail some aloe and a coupon for a free stay.

Lets try this again, but this time we’ll get it right. (name, title)


Additional tips are discussed in detail in this video. 


1. Monitor all platforms.

2. Don’t get emotional.

3. Research the facts.

4. Be human.

5. Follow up.

Without proper training it’s easy to see how a response could hurt overall reputation and allow your competition to pick up any slack. Whatever you do, don’t delete or ignore the comment; address the issue and make it right.

BAHM! That is how you win over customers for life!