Talking In Pictures

This book by Chelsea Peitz tells the story about how Snapchat changed cameras, communications and communities. Thank you Chelsea for allowing me to be a contributor. 

Stacked Keys Podcast

In a podcast featuring women who are impressive in the work world I was interviewed by Amy Stackhouse on Episode 27 to discuss – When There’s So Much To Do, Sleep Is A Superpowe‪r‬!

Mentoring at COLAB

At this Chattanooga Tennessee startup community hub, I have had the pleasure of mentoring startups in their marketing & communications planning process. 

Cliff's Podcast

In the Podcast Episode 488, I talked with Cliff Ravenscraft at my lowest point both professionally and in life. The conversation wasn’t pretty, but the results have been more beautiful than I ever expected. 

Avant Creative

Since 2014, I’ve been working with professional partners at Avant Creative to develop a forward-thinking Marketing Agency from the ground up.

The Social Observer

The Social Observer is a Marketing Blog by SNHU Students that I contributed to while obtaining my Master of Science Marketing in 2019.