Talking In Pictures

This book by Chelsea Peitz tells the story about how Snapchat changed cameras, communications and communities. Thank you Chelsea for allowing me to be a contributor. 

Stacked Keys Podcast

In a podcast featuring women who are impressive in the work world I was interviewed by Amy Stackhouse on Episode 27 to discuss – When There’s So Much To Do, Sleep Is A Superpowe‪r‬!

Women Who Win Podcast

Need guidance developing content for social media that’s both original and reliable? Look no further than nos. 015 of the Women Who Win Podcast, in which Sarah Stahl shares secrets to creating killer consistent content!

Mentoring at COLAB

At this Chattanooga Tennessee startup community hub, I have had the pleasure of mentoring startups in their marketing & communications planning process. 

Mindset Answer Man

In the Podcast Episode 488, I talked with Cliff Ravenscraft at my lowest point both professionally and in life. The conversation wasn’t pretty, but the results have been more beautiful than I ever expected. 

Avant Creative

Since 2014, I’ve been working with professional partners at Avant Creative to develop a forward-thinking Marketing Agency from the ground up.

The Social Observer

The Social Observer is a Marketing Blog by SNHU Students that I contributed to while obtaining my Master of Science Marketing in 2019.