I know my blog is new, but I’ve written quite a bit over the past few years and I have to say this is my hands down favorite combo to get the change to share my two cents about!

I mean, my two favorite professionals together in the same room, hashing out Social Media Marketing in an advanced conversation is more than I can ask! I am so passionate about what these two talk about; to have them at the same place at the same time is just blowing my mind. It’s like comicon for comic book fans, or pocket protectors for nerds.

In all honesty, I am a nerd! A Social Media Marketing nerd. I swear it’s all I eat, sleep and drink. When I’m not taking care of my family that is. So please, don’t ask me what’s going on in the world because I can only tell you thinks like: Facebook Pages App Changes: What Marketers Need to Know, Great Branding You Can Smell From Miles Away and What Can SEO’s Do that No Other Marketer Can?

I’m always thinking of what I can do next to get better as a Marketing Consultant, and it’s taken a pair of business geniuses to help me find my balance of wishing of doing and getting it done.

In the following interview Marie Forleo sits down with Gary Vaynerchuk and discusses a revolutionizing way to conduct your Social Media Marketing efforts like never before.

If you decide to watch, please don’t stop there! Get Gary’s Book and subscribe to Marie’s weekly videos to continue on your journey to killing it online! Not because they have a magic formula but because they dive deep and pull out the greatness that is lurking inside, desperately trying to make a change in your life!

This video is seriously liquid gold, but a few of my favs are worth repeating to anyone looking to break out of their Social Media Mold.

  1. We care! “Become a thank you economy” Let gratitude be your currency most of the time.
  2. “You’re not making mistakes because you don’t care, you’re making mistakes because Social Media Marketing is hard and not is talking about it in real detail.”
  3. Don’t make Lil’ Wayn’s mistake and turn Facebook into Myspace.
  4. “Everyone thinks social networks are distribution channels to take you somewhere; I think they are places to natively tell stories”
  5. “You Must understand what works where; rather than blast and dash distribution”
  6. “You Must respect the context of the room in which your storytelling.” There is a difference in how you should talk across platforms; get to know the language!
  7. Audit what you do! See where you are wasting time and spend that time on things worthwhile.
  8. “All I know how to do is do, then I have earned the respect and authority to talk about it and give a chance for someone to change it.”

This is social media 3.0, while everyone else is delivering 101. Listen up, take notes and thank me later.


If you care about:

“Marketing on Social Media”

“Doing Social Media right”

“Connecting with the people you serve”

“Being cutting edge”

Get your hands on this book!

Don’t forget to take Gary up on his challenge!

  1. Create a jab or right hook.
  2. Share the link in the comments.
  3. Listen up for his feedback.

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