Kicking off the following Amazing-ness, I’d like to preface, this is a hypothetical content calendar and is for academic purposes only. However, this post is full to the brim with real tools and action steps based on Epcot’s upcoming International Flower & Garden Festival.

I am not an Epcot employee, just a grad student having fun with this week’s assignment.

Enjoy and be inspired!



50% increase in user generated content from last year

25% increase to web traffic

20% growth in local visitors

10% growth in out of state visitors

Respond to 80% of the online mentions during the month long event

25% increase of our press coverage

15% increase in organic Google Search results


Post Ratio.

I Will be following the 70/20/10 posting rule to keep from overwhelming fans with an unbalanced ratio of promotional posts. I plan to use the link shortening tool which allows me to add a further Call to Action within any link post even if it’s shared content links.

70 total posts in a 30 day period will break down as follows:

49 will offer branded content, 14 will be shares of others content, and 7 will contain shameless promos.


The Platform Voice.


Facebook: Entertaining, thought provoking

Twitter: Breaking news, informative

Instagram: raw, behind the scenes



Each of the 7 shameless promos will lead to a same landing page, using the call to action button where guests can click to check out with a ticket purchase right from their mobile device.

Each action will lead to a custom “thank you” page that can only be accessed by making a ticket purchase. I will set up a goal in google analytics that will track the thank you page, revealing where traffic originated. This step will play heavily upon determining the Social ROI, illuminating which platform brought in the most sales and just as important; perpetuated the most engagement.

Hashtag tracking of the custom hashtags I created will be monitored using this tool. This is directly how I will curate user generated content, keep up with the real time conversation, monitor for sentiment level throughout the event and reply to each user.

The Plan.

April 1

Facebook: We’re kicking off our International Garden Festival with a #nature scavenger hunt . Use the GooseChase app to spot as many floating mini-gardens as you can. First one to complete the most tasks by 10PM will be announced the winner and will have breakfast in the morning, on us! (sniply link to instructions landing page)

epcot international flower & garden festival

Twitter: If you plan to be at @EpcotCentre #flowerfestival today, find out how you can win dinner on us. #scavengerhunt (sniply link to instructions landing page)

April 2

Facebook: Fact spongers, delight!  Our Hidden QR codes reveal some largely unknown plant truths. Scan a few, record a quick video and tell us why you are now smarter than your friends!

epcot international flower & garden festival

Twitter: Discover our hidden QR codes revealing secret facts about our plants. RT to share what you’ve learned, Hint: We love photos #learningisful

Facebook: Refresh your spring senses at the 2015 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival—with fresh seasonal dishes, enchanting Disney character topiaries, complimentary presentations and so much more!  (sniply link to instructions landing page)

epcot international flower & garden festival


Instagram: Sometimes we just need to pull our sleeves up, and get our hands dirty. Visit @epcots hands-on presentations on the Greenhouse Stage: 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. (behind the scenes video clip of gardeners getting dirty)

April 3

Facebook: Rough week? Just shake it off at tonight’s @Electric Lights Orchestra. A cold brew and exquisite meal at one of our outdoor restaurants shouldn’t be out of the question either.

Instagram: @taylor swift isn’t the only one who can shake it off. Electric Lights has some pretty neat moves as well that we’re excited to see at tonight’s show (behind the scenes video clip of the band “shaking it off”)

April 4

Facebook: this is what it takes for 400 horticulturists to install our world renowned festival landscape. (During the set up process, Use the app 1 Second Everyday to record 400 seconds of the setup process and share the video with this post)

Instagram: Don’t think, just get here! Passing out 10% off coupons until 10am. Impromptu photo of a group at the gate buying their tickets using the coupon post before the park opens. #epcotcenter #discountcoupons #fun #flowerfestival

April 5

Instagram: The first 10 guests to take a photo with the Easter bunny and tag us using the hashtag #happyeasterepcot will win lunch, on us! Ready…and…go…(behind the scenes photo of the Easter bunny with a guest)

Facebook: This is how we celebrate Easter! Show us how you spend Easter by tagging us in your Easter photos! (post with a photo of the Easter bunny having tea at Epcot, this will set the scene for the afternoons tea time post)

Facebook: Tea Time! Presented by Twinings of London Tea, discover the art and history of tea blending during a free 20-minute tour of this elegant English Tea Garden, featuring classic and new tea blends. 3:45 pm


epcot international flower & garden festival

April 6

Facebook: What’s different? Our miniature trains have lots of fun surprises to discover.  We’ve added some spring scenery to liven the scene, so snap a photo and share what you’ve found using the hashtag #epcottrainspotting (side by side photo of the trains prior to the festival and during the festival and have fans point out what’s been added)

Instagram: Our talented garden keepers; always hard at work making the festival feel like a flawless flower haven. #gardening #springforward #bloom (Behind the scenes photo of a groundskeeper at work)

April 7

Facebook:  What makes our outdoor kitchens so exquisite? The hand chosen ingredients supplied by local farmers! In fact to celebrate #worldhealthday we would like to introduce you to our strawberry providor. #knowyourfarmer

Twitter: 30 million blooms blanket the park throughout the festival and you don’t have to travel to Holland to experience it #springfever Native twitter video with link to festival overview with call to action to purchase tickets.

Instagram: We’re going healthy for “world heath day”, are you?  Show us what healthy choices you’ve made while eating in the park #worldhealthday (behind the scenes photo of healthy meal prep at an outdoor kitchen)

April 8

Facebook: Just get here; we’ll take care of the rest. Did you know that you can experience a brilliant overview of the Flower and Garden Festival from the Epcot Monorail? (video of a monorail ride with an exceptional view)

Twitter: Serving #sundaybrunch at all of our outdoor kitchens. Today get buy one get one with your church bulletin. (Link to outdoor kitchen menu using and call to action button to purchase tickets)


epcot international flower & garden festival

April 9

Facebook: Yes our characters have are not only fun, but soulful as well. #NationalPoetryMonth (record a Disney characters reciting a poem about a flower)

Twitter: The Iris Garden be @JoanMcBreen #NationalPoetryMonth

April 10

Facebook. Need to add creativity to your post work workout. We’ve got @The Village People (Y.M.C.A.) tonight and they promise to give you the workout you need!

Twitter: Skip your boring #workout, we’re spicing it up tonight! Dance floor boogie class starts at 7 by instructor @villagepeople

Instagram: behind the scenes photo of Village People preparing the tonight’s show. “Stretching for tonight’s workout:

April 11

Facebook: Need to mix-up the mundane school day? Play hooky with us (but not really) we’ve got a great science lesson today at the Greenhouse Stage: 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

epcot international flower & garden festival

Twitter: Are you missing the epic garden festival at Epcot? (Link to press coverage of the festival tagging the news station)

April 12

Facebook: Spring is the perfect time to pull our sleeves up, and get our hands dirty. Visit hands-on presentations on the Greenhouse Stage: 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. (behind the scenes video clip)

Facebook: It’ll be more than just another Day without you when John Secoda shows up on the 17th.

Instagram: Tell us (via video) which is your favorite floral character. We will randomly choose a winner tonight for tickets to see John Secoda (use flipagram to showcase a variety of the floral arrangement characters)

April 13

Facebook: How about a DI(F)Y romantic date night? Meaning, we’re “doing it for you”! Tonight Select Disney topiaries and Festival playgrounds will glow with light as the Flower & Garden fun continues into this very romantic evening. (photo of the park lit up at night with a silhouette of a couple)

Twitter: Tiered of doing the same old thing on a Friday night?  There’s always something new here, join us! #Fridaynight (sniply link to ticket landing page and call to action)

April 14

Facebook: This weekend be on the lookout for special “Earth Day ” activities include learning about conservation efforts to protect coral reefs, sea turtles and sharks at the Seas with Nemo & Friends.

epcot international flower & garden festival

Instagram: Outdoor kitchen behind the scenes cooking with chef. #topchef

April 15

Facebook: It’s Spring! Try out your green thumb among the nation’s top designers as they help you plan everything from planting your first garden to enhancing your home. Expert advice from @HGTV and Epcot garden experts you’re sure to be inspired!

Twitter: Submit your taxes on time? Visit teh @disneyepcotusa lab to find out how we’ve learned to “test the limits.”  #taxes2015

epcot international flower & garden festival

April 16

Facebook. 700 container gardens of flowers, herbs, plants and vegetables in clay pots, barrels and urns enhance the landscape throughout Epcot. Get a picture of as many as you can within the next hour using the hashtag #epcotgardenscapes Guest with the most tagged photos, wins free lunch for 4.

epcot international flower & garden festival

Instagram. Impromptu video clip of a Disney character prepping for an appearance. #disneycharecter #magic #disney

Twitter. Share a press story of something that was reported at the park this month.

April 17

Facebook: According to Jon Secada it’s (Just Another Day) But we know better! Who’s planning on being at the show tonight?

epcot international flower & garden festival

Twitter. Quick, show and tell time. This is what we’re having for lunch, now show us yours! #goodeats

April 17:

Facebook: the Institution of food and agricultural sciences will be here at the University of Florida Stage: Join experts as they present great gardening ideas for everyone—1:00 PM and 4:00 PM. Here’s a sneak peek of the topic (photo that takes some effort to figure out) come on…give us your best guess!

Instagram: Hear about conservation efforts to protect coral reefs, sea turtles, sharks and more at The Seas with Nemo & Friends: April 22, 2015 (photo of the stage class from day before)

April 18:

Facebook: Lookout for wild “Earth Day Weekend” activities presented by specialists from Disney’s Animal Kingdom (4/17-19). On April 22, learn about conservation efforts to protect coral reefs, sea turtles and sharks at the Seas with Nemo & Friends. Bonus: watch us reveal of the sand sculpture base on the Disney nature film Monkey Kingdom. “eco friendly” e-ticks here (sniply link to instructions landing page)

Twitter: Reduce, Rueuse, Replenish, Restore #earthday @disneyepcotusa

April 19:

Facebook : Everyone is pitching in, preparing for #earthday! What earth day events do you have planned?  photo of the lorax picking up trash around the park.

Instagram: behind the scenes photo of an “action shot” of guests interacting with a cute animal

April 20:

Facebook:We are excited to announce the local boy scout chapter will be leading earth day activities on the 22nd that include hands on learning like  making Pinecone and Peanut Butter Bird Feeder and earth day garden flags to help keep the environment on your kids mind long after their delightful day at the park has passed. Link to Boy Scout page with list of activities.

Twitter: We’re proud to host the @boyscouts for #earthday! Excited for some of the activities they have planned!

April 21:

Facebook: Spring break doesn’t have to end just yet. In fact We plan to keep it alive through May. Click now to snag your second spring fling…(sniply link to instructions landing page)

epcot international flower & garden festival

Instagram: Hey there, it’s just us getting ready to honor the planet. What earth day activities are you prepping for? Behind the scenes photo of earth day preparations.

April 22:

Facebook: We aren’t the only ones discovering “pockets of wonder” as we celebrate Earth Day. the @wildernessociety and @WendieMalick teamed up to describe how #nature helps us become better human beings.

Twitter: Join us today for a live #erthday @skype event with (choose a disney charecter) Bring your Questions!

April 23

Instagram: Earth Day isn’t over for us! As passionate advocates for creating a beautiful environment earth day lives on at Epcot. Join us! Snag your tickets by clicking the link in our BIO. #earthday (Beautiful photo of the epcot landscape sniply link to purchase tickets in bio)

Twitter: Refresh your mind today with any of our 150 hands-on gardening demonstrations and seminars will be presented (sniply link to instructions landing page)

April 24:

Twitter: these sweet tunes will fill the park tonight! @theguesswho

Facebook: Arbor day tree identification day hike is happening at a forest near you! The @girIscouts will lead the way and alerted us of a Grut sighting; wonder if we’ll see him? (Picture of grut trying to blend in a forest)

April 25:

Facebook: It’s Florida Fresh weekend! Daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., find out about Florida agriculture at the Festival Center. Link to Florida agricultural activity site.

Twitter: Did you know? 70% of @visitflorida agriculture products come from farms of 50 acres or less?  #supportlocalfarms

April 26:

Facebook: It’s Florida Fresh weekend! Daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., find out about Florida agriculture at the Festival Center.

Twitter: Chef @Emeril visits @orlando exploring our #farmtotable experience!

April 27:

Facebook Promo: It’s Florida Fresh weekend! Daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., find out about Florida agriculture at the Festival Center. Residential discounts available daily (sniply link to instructions landing page)

Twitter: A local kids take on Farming in Florida; because we #supportlocalfarms

April 28

Facebook: Lightning McQueen and “Mater” will be the well-maintained stars of the Disney-Pixar Cars“Mater’s Parts, Plants & Play Garden” on the walkway near Test Track. Geared toward children ages 5 to 12, look for a series of car-parts games on the walkway, as well as playground equipment and a pair of climbing rocks. (Photo of guests playing in the garden)

Instagram: We are extremely multifaceted! In need of a car repair? (Photo of a Disney character working under “Mater’s” hood)

April 29

Facebook: Visited this month?  If so, I’m sure you were inspired to take a selfie with one of our artistic shrub ornaments.  If so, tag us so we can take a peek! We love to see how our guests are enjoying themselves! Use a guests “selfie” as an example to encourage other shares.

Instagram: top 5 tips we’ve learned from you on how to enjoy the international garden festival here at Epcot. (use flipogram with user generated photos with tips)

April 30

Facebook: Join our guest Twinings of London Tea to discover the art and history of tea blending during a free 20-minute tour of the elegant English Tea Garden; as we learn how to make water wonderful! Thursday at 3:45 p.m. and 6:15 p.m

Twitter: Monday Dinner ideas! We’ve got em’ #homemadefoodie (link to recipe)

epcot international flower & garden festival

April 31

Instagram. Something Fresh Is Blooming at Epcot! We’ve been busy bees enjoying spring, now we’re starting all over again in May! Buzz on over… (place sniply link to landing page in bio)

epcot international flower & garden festival

Facebook:  We’re hitting the resent button tomorrow. Will you make the cut? Show a “1 second everyday” video from 1 second clips you collected over the whole month’s events.

1 Second Everyday App Preview Demo from Cesar Kuriyama on Vimeo.

Whenever choosing content for your social sites the best rule of thumb is to consider educating and entertaining with the majority of posts you share. Especially on Facebook. Including more video is a way to accomplish this while receiving organic engagement in the meantime. 

Facebook has a built in content quality checker. It works this easily, create amazing content! The more people are naturally engaged with your content the more Facebook shares your content without the help of paid ads. Don’t believe me, just check out some of the other company’s I’ve worked with to see how high their organic engagement rates are.