In this challenge you will learn the concepts listed below that will empower you to make the most of your social media efforts.


Create effective social strategies


Define your target market persona


Establish goals and draft objectives


Create a custom content calendar


Build a community that markets for you


Allow analytics to define marketing decisions

Ready? Get Started Now!

Day 1:
Let’s get Started!

Intro, prerequisites & workbook download

Day 2:
Identify a Target Audience

Market Research & Key Customer Triggers

Day 3:
Establish a Marketing Message

Messaging Goals & Marketing Intentions

Day 4:
Learn to be Social – Not Salesy

How to Sell and Be Social

Day 5:
Create a Marketing Message

Message Creation & Measurement Planning

Day 6:
Build a Content Calendar

Content Creation & Posting Calendar

Day 7:
Analyze Social Marketing Results

Launch, measure, evaluate, modify and repeat