If you are in the Social Media Marketing world you are well aware of the epic battle going on between the major platforms; Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Although Facebook has had live function capabilities for a little over a half a year, now that Instagram and Twitter have launched the function a fight for attention seems to have begun.

As a social media marketing strategist I consider it a responsibility (and joy) to play around with social features in order to give my clients the most accurate suggestions when building an effective marketing strategy.

I learned quite a bit from today’s adventures in Live Streaming, and hope it offers some insight as you consider your Live journey.

That time I went Live. from Sarah Stahl on Vimeo.

I talk about all these points in the video but went ahead and listed them out to offer an easily digestible point of reference.


1. Twitter is linked through Periscope which seems to be where all engagement stems.

2. For those discovering you through Periscope, they can choose to follow you on Twitter from the Periscope platform as it streams on the dual platforms.

3. Easy to block inappropriate viewers.

4. No twitter push notifications, and the live segment seems to get lost easy in the cascading feed.

5. Saves the full video to your profile which is great because you don’t seem bound by the platform restrictions of 60 second videos and 140 characters.

6. Engagement was best with 160 viewers and constant discussion from Periscope users.


7. Viewers were prompted to watch via a Push Notification.

8. Seemed to have the least lag time of the three.

9. Great engagement from the 2 viewers that joined.

10. The live video is now nowhere to be found, seems to have disappeared altogether once the live session ended. Was not stored to my profile feed.


11. It took a LONG time for Facebook folks to join.

12. Did offer a push notification, which immediately alerts followers.

13. Live is available in the news feed and a life feed feature located on the bottom of the screen when the app is open.

14. Video is downloadable. (see quality above)

15. Stays in your profile news feed and viewers get higher over time as Facebook gives priority to live video that sits in the feed as video content.

If you ever want to catch me LIVE feel free to follow me on your favorite platform Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.